Welcome to the TRIP! Blogs

Boh! Boh! B0h!

FUBUThat is right. The website is finally up and running. Big up to Kevin for putting it all together open source style in Drupal. The new site looks great and we are excited to share this site as a community space, where we can all come together to celebrate our communities and keep each other safe. Remember, knowledge is power. By keeping this TRIP site alive we are sharing information to support eachother. We have all been there for a friend in need, whether as a trained outreach worker, or dealing with a friend who has had a little bit too much K one night.

TRIP is the epitome of For Us By Us, being as it was started for the community way back when, by partiers who felt there was a need for the service in the community. Our moto: know your mind, know your body, know your source. This was coming from a community that had already had it’s share of heartbreak. Deaths, ODs, police brutality, street life; our community has been through a lot over the years. Things have changed over time. People have grown up together, and there is a new generation coming into the midst. Who ever thought that Happy Hardcore would have a comeback? Who know that jungle and house would move from giant warehouse spaces, and lofts, to huge commercial clubs, or tight tiny bars. Oh how have our communities changed.

And are continuing to change. We welcome in the new generation.