Girl on Girl

Sex Info

Grrls do many different things in bed. Some activities or circumstances can place grrls at risk for catching HIV. Educate yourself on ways to be safer, and try out the contents of this kit next time you’re fucking around.

Fisting and Fingering is safe as long as you or your partner don’t have open cuts or sores on your hands. Using latex gloves is wise, with plenty of lube, so as not to scratch the inside of the vagina, cervix or ass hole. Keep your fingernails neatly trimmed!

Rimming/Asslicking: No one has ever become infected with HIV through rimming, however unprotected rimming is high risk for other STI’s, like Hepatitis A. You can be safer by using a latex barrier, such as a dental dam, a condom cut length-wise, or plastic wrap.

Sex Toys like dildos, vibrators and buttplugs are safe as long as they aren’t shared between partners. If you are sharing toys with partners, put a condom over the toy and be sure to change the condom after each use.

Eating Out/Going Down/Oral sex is very low risk for HIV transmission, even during your period. However it doesn’t mean it could never happen. Its easier to get HIV and other STI’s if you’ve got cracked lips, open sores around the mouth area, throat or mouth infections, have had recent dental work, or even flossed or brushed your teeth beforehand. You can reduce the risk by using a dental dam, or by cutting a condom lengthwise, and laying it on your partner’s cunt. Non-microwavable plastic wrap will work just the same.

Sex with Guys—grrls do it too!

Unprotected Vaginal sex/fucking is high risk for HIV, even if he doesn’t cum inside you, because HIV is also [found] in pre-cum. The friction of penetration [can cause] causes tiny cuts and scrapes in the vagina, making it easy for HIV to get into your bloodstream.

Unprotected Anal sex/ass fucking is also high risk for HIV. The lining of the inside of your ass is very delicate and tears easily. It makes it easy for HIV to be transmitted, even if he doesn’t cum inside you.

Unprotected Oral sex/sucking dick/giving head is low-risk for getting HIV. Some people have been infected by giving head, but the numbers are small. Giving head is riskier, such as mouth sores or throat infections, recent dental work, or brushing/flossing your teeth before having sex.