Before the Party

Preparing to Party

You never know what to expect when you hit up a night on the town, but one thing’s for sure – being prepared can reduce the risk of messy situations.

Check out these tips:

  • Eat a good meal at least three hours before the party. This gives you energy to run on, reduces your chances of nausea and serves as protection for the stomach if you plan to do drugs.
  • If you’re drinking or doing drugs before the party, be mindful of how you’ll be feeling when you arrive at the party. You don’t want to be stuck outside with security because you partied to hard before you got there!
  • Make sure you keep some extra cash on you for bottled water and morning cab or bus rides.
  • If your planing to dose any drugs, tell your friends what you are taking and how much in case anything goes wrong, they’re equipped with the necessary info to tell paramedics.
  • Gum and lip balm are good to carry as some drugs can have you chewing on your lip all night.
  • Feeling Lucky? Carry condoms and lube just in case…
  • Don’t forget to wear your best dancing shoes. Comfy Footwear is a must while partying!!
  • Surrounding yourself with lots of caring friends that will make the party kick ass.
  • If your partying by yourself, tell somebody, anybody (such as a friend), which party you are heading to and where it’s at. Give them a call the next day to let them know you made it home in one piece.
  • Take Care of your ears. They’re the only ones you’ve got. Wear your earplugs!