Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes Pt 2: Tobacco and Other Smokable Herbs

Welcome to the new TRIP! Project Community Zine on tobacco and harm reduction! Be sure to click on the image above to get your copy of the PDF fresh off the press. This issue we will be exploring tobacco, one of the most prevelent drugs out there. The articles within this zine are a collaborative effort featuring a collection of youth voices from our community with the focus on tobacco and harm reduction. The goal of this zine is to offer information that will empower youth to make healthier lifestyle choices around tobacco and other smokable herbs. The articles featured in the zine focus on a variety of topics including tips for quitting smoking, cutting down, emerging trends, personal reflections and poetry of individuals affected directly or indirectly by smoking. The opinions expressed in this zine are those of their respective authors and may include some bias as they reflect our diverse community. Think critically while reading! Learn more about smoking and harm reduction by checking out Holy Smokes pt 1, with a focus on pot.

Holy Smokes: Introduction for Occasional and Chronic Users

Holy SmokesThe most useful plant on earth! The devil weed! Cannabis (a.k.a. pot, marijuana, weed, herb, bhang, ganja, grass, dagga, keif, kanabosm, asa, reefer, tai-ma or its innumerable other names) is one of the most charged words in our language for it represents what is arguably the most controversial plant of modern times. The very utterance of its name can arouse a full range of emotion and passion from hate to love, fear to bliss and all points in between. Indeed a visitor to our world might be very confused as to all the fuss over this seemingly benign, spindly and unassuming herb. Yet its physical humbleness masks the great influence this plant has had on human psyche and society – to such a degree that people have even pledged their lives to its propagation or eradication.

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  • I never really understood why marijuana is such a popular drug, it’s a light drug and it’s a gateway drug, that’s what makes it dangerous. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the thought that my kid smokes weed, not when we had terrible drug histories in my family. If I knew that about him I would most likely check him into a marijuana rehabilitation treatment, i wouldn’t see it any other way…

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