Halloween Harm Reduction

Hey party people!

This spooktacular party season is turning out to be a chilly one!

Don’t forget these tips to keep you safe!

1. Prepare for the party!

  • Pick up your safer partying supplies and info before you go out. You can grab supplies at our youth drop in, located at 168 Bathurst Street, on Wednesday October 24th or our Naloxone Training Kandi Jam & Halloween crafts drop-in on Wednesday October 31st, 4-6pm
  • Test your substances
  • Set a limit of how much you are going to drink or take. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in large crowds, so start low and slow. We’ve had reports of very strong pills/caps, so start with ¼ to ½ and wait 2 hours before redosing.

2. Remember to have a good meal before you go to party, or a couple hours before going out if having too full of a stomach would make you more prone to feeling sick.

  • It’s also a great idea to prep some soft, easy to eat foods at home for the come down. Ideas include smoothies, apple sauce, whole fruit (berries, banans, grapes, oranges are great!) or soup. Foods that are soft and wet tend to be more appealing if you have cotton mouth! Drink water too!

3. Dress for the weather!

  • Yes, your costume is GORGEOUS! <3 But you won’t be able to enjoy it if you are shivering in front of the burn barrels all night.
  • Be sure to check if your party is INDOORS or OUTDOORS, and bring a jacket and wear layers if you aren’t sure. You can always coat check them.
  • Even if you are going to a club, bring pants,tights,or sweatpants for when you are in line. You can stuff them in your coat sleeve when you get inside 🙂
  • If you’re drinking or taking other drugs, your body will be less able to regulate your body temperature. It may be tempting to take off your jacket (or clothing all together) if you are feeling warm, even if it is really cold. Check around you! If everyone else has a jacket on, you should too!

4. Stash some cash!

  • Expect prices will be high and plan accordingly if possible. Keep $10 in a safe place for water, and remember to drink it! Try to avoid sharing water bottles and pacifiers with friends – that’s how the cold, flu, and other viruses spread, including cold sores. Reduce the risk of getting sick! Your body will thank you later!
  • Plan your way home. Prices for ride share apps tend to SKYROCKET on big party nights so make sure you have money for transit, and a 24 hour route planned out to get you home at any time of night. Plan to have a sober driver. Keep bikes in a well lit area, and try to walk on major roads with a group.
  • Check in with your friends to make sure they get home safe, and never leave a highly intoxicated friend alone!

5. SelfIf the party is underground, remember to bring your own safety supplies including water, a flashlight, and NALOXONE especially if you are farther from the city. You can get a free kit at any major pharmacy, the works, or contact info@tripproject.ca and we will help you find spot close to you!