Want to start your own project?

Boyz n HIVThroughout the year we keep on getting messages from people across Canada telling us that they wish they had the TRIP! Project in their community. While we usually send out small care packages to communities outside of Toronto, there are a few TRIP! resources which are available for free across Canada, including shipping! The CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange) Ordering Centre is a national resource for free HIV/AIDS and Hep C resources. CATIE will ship you any information you want right to your door step or community centre! It’s now easier than ever to start your own harm reduction project, as it doesn’t matter if you’re a grassroots youth collective in Nunavut or an established social services agency– it’s all free!

For a few years CATIE has been including our Safer Snorting resource both in French and English . This month they’ve added two TRIP! resources to their roster, including both our Boyz on Boyz and Grrlz on Grrlz Sexual Health Postcards! We are so incredibly excited to be contributing to this national database and we hope that our materials will reach out across the country empowering youth to make health desicions about how they party. On our new postcards we’ve included room for you to personalize the resource and put in your own contact information. We are so pleased to be collaborating with CATIE again, and we hope to have more of our resources available in the future.