Super coke. When you say out loud, it sounds kind of epic. It is as though they chose the name to make you think that this relatively new white powder was going to get you even higher than the best cocaine you’d ever laid your hands on. So question is, is it true? Here are some things that you should know if you or someone you know is planning on/or has tried it.

Super coke (MDPV) has been marketed for the past few months as “bath salts” and it could easily be purchased online or in head shops. It has also been marketed online in several forms, most popularly as Ivory Wave. Just recently in New York a number of stores were raided by the FBI after having sold these “bath salts” (which were actually super coke) to under covers who were working under the Bath Salt Task Force. Like many research chemicals, the legality of these substances lay in murky areas when they first appear on the market but one should be reminded that as these gain popularity, they soon become classified and thus illegal. So even if you are able to purchase them from storefronts or online, it does not make it safe to do so and you could find yourself in some serious trouble. Selling these substances can also be considered illegal despite the fact that their classification is unclear. Authorities may still decide to prosecute you if the substance resembles an illegal one and is possessed with the intent to traffic.

I’ve tried super coke only once, with regrets about not having educated myself about it at first. A friend was passing around a plate at a party and when people asked him what drug he was sharing he promptly replied, “It’s like coke, but better than any other coke you’ve done!” That pitch line was all we needed. Or so we thought…

To get high on super coke, you need only a fraction (about a tenth) of what the average dosage of cocaine would be. Keep in mind however that this varies by person and by batch so it is important to know not only your body and your tolerance but also your source. The high came on rapidly and was of an intensity comparable to speed with a euphoria similar to that of cocaine. The main difference from a user point of view was largely duration. The high lasted about 8 hours without re-dosing and the comedown lasted another 6 hours. This included irregular and elevated heartbeat and extreme anxiety. The anxiety, it can be argued, is the most intolerable aspect and has been reported by a number of users. It is believed that the anxiety lasts longer than is usually experienced from cocaine.

What should be kept in mind when trying this substance is that it is a commitment and a very large one. Unlike cocaine, it has a very long duration both in its high and its comedown. Particularly if you have a history of anxiety disorders, feelings of anxiety may last for a long time. Talking to friends about your feelings while this is happening may help to calm them. Extended use of super coke has reportedly been associated with psychosis and has resulted in visits to the emergency room.

Like what should be done with all emerging substances, I should have looked up the details of super coke before I tried it. It is important to remember that despite its very similar name to cocaine, the two substances differ largely in duration. Be safe, and be smart! For more information on super coke check out Wikipedia or Erowid Trip Reports.