Drugs, drugs, drugs, which are good, which are bad?

Drugs, drugs, drugs… take this survey and tell us what you’ve done! The TRIP! Project’s own volunteer Leanne WIlkins is undertaking her masters research in cognitive neuroscience and is looking to see the effects of various drugs on the mind. It’s 100% confidential so fill it out today! Note that the survey does take time so make sure you have some set aside. Be sure to read the consent form so you know the benifits and risks of participating.

Take the survey today!

One thought on “Drugs, drugs, drugs, which are good, which are bad?

  • I am just curious, how many people have completed the survey already? Which drugs are good and which drugs are bad? Well, it depends, right? If they’re used for health then they are good and if they’re used as mood boosters and in recreational purposed I wouldn’t say they are too good because they usually cause painful deep addictions. I think the drug rehab Salt Lake City is a valuable reference on that… I should know, my brother is still attending the treatment to overcome his addiction.

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