Dear Community

 Thank you so much for your support for the TRIP! Project over the years! Initiated in 1995 by the community, for the community, the TRIP! Project has been providing safer nightlife harm reduction services for 15 years now. We’ve been through thick and thin to support the dance music community throughout the years, from the rave crackdown in the early 2000s to the closing of the Big Bop. TRIP! continues to provide harm reduction services to Toronto’s diverse dance music communities and over the years has trained over 400 volunteers! These peer educators have shared life saving skills with our community including overdose prevention, counseling, and CPR. Our volunteers are also trained in anti-oppression, ensuring our community continues to be a caring and supportive environment.

Toronto’s dance music scene continues to produce groundbreaking events which have attracted people from all over the world. For many years Toronto was one of the rave capitals in North America and continues to provide cutting edge nightlife events as the scene evolves. The Toronto rave scene was a catalyst for many businesses creating a whole new cultural industry including print shops, design firms, clothing companies, record stores, bars, clubs and lounges. Now more than ever it’s important to give back to the scene that has made us who we are today by supporting safer nightlife initiatives in the City of Toronto. Give back this year to the TRIP! Project to support community development and health promotion that is for and by party kids!

The New Year is full of good cheer, with FREE arts-based workshops lead by industry leaders on MCing, DJing, Street Dance and Visual Arts will be held at Queen West Community Health Centre for youth aged 16-24 on Sundays! Stay tuned for more information through the TRIP! Facebook Fan Page ( ) and Twitter ( ). Give the gift of creativity by supporting these programs today. TRIP! needs your help to continue to provide our free community services, including nightlife outreach. Donate today to pay it forward to the scene that has given so much to our city over the years. All donors receive a charitable receipt from Central Toronto Community Health Centres. To donate securely online please visit and click on the Donate Now button.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility.