Cognitive Effects of Ketamine, Cannabis and Poly-Drug Use

 Researchers at Ryerson University are interested in studying cognitive performance associated with the effects of ketamine, cannabis and other recreational drugs, in comparison to the performance of drug-naïve participants. Your participation will require completing questionnaires about drug history and experiences associated with both legal and illegal drugs. Questions about personal experiences may cause psychological discomfort. In addition, you will be asked to complete various measures regarding your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, as well as virtual-reality and other computerized tasks measuring navigation and memory skills. Information learned about you in this study will be maintained secure and confidential within our lab.

We are recruiting individuals that currently use ketamine or cannabis at least once per month. We are also recruiting individuals who are currently using other recreational drugs (all types), as well as drug-naive participants. Overall, participation will take 2-3 hours, for which you will receive $10-15. Your participation in any/all components of the study will be on a voluntary basis. You must be between the ages of 18-60 to participate.

Please contact the BIM Lab at (416)979-5000 x2192 or

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  • You didn’t left any deadline here, I was hoping the study is still available, I’d be interested to participate. Here’s also a resource that might interest you, it’s and it contains all the information you need about cannabis. You might find it helpful. Please share some updates!

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