Boofing Safety

Boofing, also known as  “hooping”*, “booty-bumping”, “butt-chugging”, “shelving”, “stuffing”, “plugging” or “alcohol enemas”, is when you put alcohol or another drug into your rectum. These terms will change depending on who you’re with, or where you’re using. For example, the terms ‘hooping’ or ‘hoopers’ is also used in party scenes to refer to the act of hula hooping or the people who hula hoop. In some places “boofing” is slang for smoking weed. Make sure that everyone is on the same page to avoid embarrassing mix ups!

How does it work?

Your rectum has a relatively thin surface layer and has many blood vessels. So substances there could reach your bloodstream quickly. This is the whole principle behind suppository medicine.

Booty bumping has a very high “bioavailability” rate compared to other routes of administration. That means that a higher percentage of the drug gets into your system with booty bumping, than for example, if you smoke your drugs.

People can dissolve the drug in sterile water and squirt the solution into the anus with a needle-less syringe or by ‘stuffing’ the drug wrapped in a rolling paper or tissue directly into the rectum. Dissolving into water is the recommended method since it will be less damaging on the rectal passage, directly inserting a crystallized drug into the anus is likely to irritate and break the tissue.

With so many different ways of consuming your drug of choice, why do people choose boofing?

There are many reasons people may choose to boof, and they vary from person to person:

  • To feel the effects of the drug quickly. (Note: the speed of the effects depends on the type of drug as well as if there are any solids in the rectal cavity).
  • To feel  a stronger effect with less substance. The rectum is very efficient at absorbing a high percentage of the drug into the bloodstream.
  • As an alternative to injecting their drugs. (Some people don’t like needles, find that injecting can be painful, want to avoid visible track marks or skin abrasions/scabs/sores, are concerned about the harm to veins or have damaged veins which makes injecting difficult).
  • To avoid snorting/railing or smoking their drugs (which can be harmful to the nasal passages as well as the lungs).

What are the risks associated with boofing?

  • Rips, tears, and damage to the rectum (which is sensitive and easily damaged)
  • Increased risk of infection
  • Risk of becoming unconscious in a vulnerable state (depending on the drug used)
  • Overdose
  • You will absorb more of the drug, faster
  • Your rectum is unable to regulate the amount of alcohol/drug that goes into it (unlike when you swallow and your body can vomit if you’ve had too much)
  • Your butt doesn’t have the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme that can help break down ethanol and is present in your stomach and intestines

Harm Reduction tips:

How to Booty Bump Better

How to prep:

  • Wash your hands before AND after using.
  • Use sterile, new equipment every time (or disinfect to the best of your abilities if new isn’t available), otherwise you run the risk of infection.
  • Prepare your drugs and keep your works on a clean surface.
  • Mixing your drug with water before inserting will be less physically damaging (make sure the drug is fully dissolved before inserting)
    “dabbing “ and “stuffing” the drug without water can increase the risk of burning the tissue
  • Always mix your drugs yourself so you know how much you are taking.
  • Lube up your rectum and the syringe to decrease chance of tearing
  • Try to relax and find a position where you’re not tensing (laying on your side works well)
  • Do not share syringe barrels or ‘double dip’ into the same cup of prepared drug water (STIs and other infections can be transmitted this way)


  • Alternate between modes of use, continuous boofing over a short period of time wont give the anal canal time to heal
  • Damage to the tissue of the rectum and bleeding can increase the risk of HIV and STI infection
  • Be cautious combining booty-bumping and anal sex. You might be numb from the drug and not feel any additional trauma
  • Some people recommend inserting a vitamin e capsule after to promote healing, but we couldn’t find any information that supports this. Inserting any substance into your rectum comes with risks.

Just Say KNOW! <3