5 Myths About Molly

When the Trip! Project goes on outreach at any EDM festival, all ages party or underground events, the number one question we get asked is “What is molly?” There’s been a lot of confusion around molly in particular in the party scene lately. Misinformation about what molly is, what it does, and how you can tell is everywhere. Some of these myths may seem like common sense but these are all based on actual conversations with party people on outreach. You can always find out more info about molly on Trip! or Erowid!

1. Myth: Molly is MDMA

Molly can mean MDMA – but a lot of times it isn’t. There are a few reasons behind this.

Pure MDMA isn’t an ideal party drug for a lot of people. You feel very cuddly, very chatty, but actually not super energized or hyped up. It’s often described as more of a chill time. This isn’t what a lot of partiers want for their cray exciting night out! This leads to molly being anywhere from a mix of MDMA and amphetamines to just plain old speed sold as molly.

Picture: life is like a cap of molly

Another reason why folks aren’t selling Molly that’s MDMA as much anymore is because the risks of selling MDMA have skyrocketed thanks to new drug prohibition legislation. In 2012, the Safe Streets and Communities Act was passed, which took MDMA from being a Schedule III drug to a Schedule I drug. The Act also added in mandatory minimums. So now anyone caught dealing MDMA gets automatic jail time. Selling MDMA is now as risky as selling heroin. So dealers are much more likely to sell a substance that is lower risk for them, like methylone. Molly is also a super popular, mainstream slang name right now. It’s easy for dealers to get rid of whatever they’re selling by just calling it molly.

You can test your molly to see what’s actually in it using a reagent test kit like the ones from Trip! (email us at info@tripproject.ca), TestKitsPlus or DanceSafe.

2. Myth: Molly is a new drug

Nope! Molly has been around for a really long time. MDMA was first synthesized in the 1910s and first ingested by humans in the 1970s. There have been so many studies on MDMA’s effects as far as therapeutic treatments, harm reduction tips and trip reports. If we agree that most molly is MDMA mixed with stimulants, then people have been partying with molly (aka what used to be known as ecstasy) at parties since at least the 1980s!

3. Myth: You can trust that dude who says “this molly is the purest stuff in the city”

First time users and partiers new to the scene beware! If someone is selling at a party, they will always tell you that their stuff is bomb – they want you to buy it and you’re not likely to be able to find them in the crowd later in the night when you’re not feeling so happy about your high (or lack thereof)! Pure molly would be pure MDMA, but without using a MDMA purity test, (the purity test is not an identification test though, and is only useful after you’ve used another reagent test to confirm the presence of MDMA. The purity test also requires an acurate 20mg sample size for testing, so use a good scale!) there is no way a dealer can give you good idea of the purity of their Molly. Be cautious of any dealer who says their stuff is 97.65% pure or some other whacky specific number. Ask them how they know, where they buy their kits and follow up with your own purity tests! Try to build a good relationship with your dealer and buy before the party so that you have time to make sure you got exactly what you paid for by using a test kit (or worst case can test out a bit of it beforehand). Even if someone takes 100% pure MDMA, you’re still taking a drug and there are still risks. If it wasn’t cleaned properly when it was being produced then coming up and coming down can feel super rough. Start with a small dose to get a good idea of what the Molly you have feels like. There’s also nothing wrong with doing M that is just a bunch of speed if that’s what you like! Figuring out what you’re taking before you drop can help you make better decisions about whether or not to take it.

4. Myth: If you pop a Molly, you’ll die

MDMA, like any other drug has risks. Some folks straight up can’t metabolize MDMA in their liver. This means that for some people, even taking one dose of the purest molly might take lead to life-threatening consequences. The only way to know for sure is to get tested by a doctor to ensure that you aren’t deficient in the liver enzyme CYP2D6 (pronounced “sip-two-dee-six”). About 6-10% of the population is. However, if you know that you respond more strongly than other people to painkillers like Vicodin or other opioids, it’s a sign that you might be. Either way, if you have never taken MDMA before, and you are determined to take it, you should test yourself by taking a quarter dose first (approximately 20-25mg). If you feel anything at all at this dose, you are quite likely a poor metabolizer, and you should be very careful and always take a significantly lower dose than other people. The main deaths that have happened to people on MDMA who don’t have this enzyme deficiency have been a result of overheating, dehydration or exhaustion. That’s why it’s so important to drink water (a bottle every hour is a good amount) and take breaks from dancing to chill out.

However, sometimes the drugs being sold as Molly can have much higher risks, especially if mixed with alcohol or other drugs. Try to leave the mixing to the DJ and check in often with your friends about how you’re feeling. If you are mixing substances, it helps to have tried each substance by itself before combining them to try to minimize your chances of unexpected results.

5. Myth: Caps of Molly are safer than pressed pills

This myth has gone back and forth since forever. When pressies were going around the city, the myth was that caps were full of crap! The truth is that any cap or pill could have other drugs mixed in (sometimes called adulterants). Taking any drug recreationally is taking a risk. A similar myth about tan or brown powdered Molly being purer than white powdered molly has also been going around – and so has the reverse – the colour of the powder in your cap is not a good indication of what’s actually in it. MDMA looks different at different stages of processing/cleaning. Whether your caps are filled with white crystals to dark brown rocks or anything in between, you’ll get the most information about what you got by using a testing kit.

What some other myths you’ve heard about Molly? Let us know in the comments!

Test before you ingest!

Get test kits by emailing info@tripproject.ca or from TestKitsPlus or DanceSafe.