The Story of Mr. A, who took 25 tabs of E a day…

e pillzUnbelievable! But according to doctors of the addiction centre at St. George Medical School in London, England it’s true. Between the ages of 21 and 30 the patient only known as Mr. A is thought to have taken approximately 40 000 Ecstasy pills (Times Online). Over the course of his use he gradually increased his dosage from 5 on the weekends to 25 a day.

His psychiatrist, Dr. Christos Kouimtsidis reports that Mr. A has trouble functioning in everyday life and is afflicted by “severe short-term memory problems, hallucinations, paranoia and muscle rigidity”. And yet the man is still alive.

This certainly tells us something about the supposedly ‘Killer Ecstasy’. It would seem that our leaders have been a a but on the hysterical side while demonizing E, a drug that is statistically less deadly than aspirin.

Richard Burnstrom, the Chief of Police for North Wales, has publicly stated that very fact – Ecstasy is a remarkable safe drug, safer than aspirin and far safer than tobacco and alcohol. He has also predicted that the legalization of all drugs in Britain will be inevitable within 10 years time because prohibition doesn’t work.

You can read Chief Burnstrom’s statements in more detail here.