Sex and Drugs, Party n Play

Drugs are powerful tools for altering consciousness, but another powerful mood altering technique we don’t normally think of is sex. For many people sex and drugs are the most pleasurable experiences they have day to day, and their combination can be a lot more intense when combined. Many people say that cannabis makes them far more sensitive, and some people are only able to orgasm when they’re high. Sex while peaking on a powerful psychedelic or M, on the other hand, can be cosmic and transpersonal, often lasting far longer than normal sex and frequently involving a sense of “fusing” into your lover. Just as sex and drugs both have associated risks, there are certain things you should know before
combining them.

Uppers & Sex

Stimulant drugs like coke and crystal can lead to really intense hard fucking, as you’ll be energetic and won’t get tired as easily. As hot as that can be, the harder you fuck, the more likely that you may hurt yourself or your partner. Be especially careful if you’re pounding from above, as coming down hard at the wrong angle can literally damage yourself or your partner! More often though, it’s bruises and tears that you should be worried about: little cuts in your anus or vagina can make it much more likely to transmit an infection like HIV, so be sure to use lots of lube, change condoms if you need to and pause to reapply if things start to get dry. Also remember that uppers constrict blood vessels, so lots of guys can’t get an erection while high on them.

Downers & Sex

A lot of people take inebriants like alcohol to help “loosen up” and relieve inhibitions, but downers impair motor control and dull sensation. Shakespeare is quoted as saying that alcohol “increases the appetite but diminishes the performance”. Some guys can’t get hard while drunk or high; many more can’t cum. If you’re having sex and can’t seem to finish, relax! Just pounding away probably isn’t going to help or feel particularly good. Take your time; explore. Check out our GHB/GBL & chem sex post for more info on this combo.

Mixing drugs and sex can make consent – already a messy, complicated issue – even more complicated than usual. You may be taking drugs to loosen up, but how do you do when someone is pushing your limits and you’re too drunk or high to know how to respond? Make sure you think about what your limits are before you dose – the things and people you’re definitely not okay with doing. It might be helpful to have a good friend who knows your limits watching out for you so that you don’t end up getting taken advantage of or doing something you’ll regret. Also know that some people may give you drugs to make you more likely to sleep with them or even so they can assault you – know your limits, watch how much you dose and keep checking in with who you’re getting busy with to make sure you’re all on the same page every step of the way! Check out our Consent 101 post for tons more info on how to keep things sexy!

On any drug you may end up being too high to go searching for condoms and lube, always be prepared and have everything you need with you before you get high!