2C-I, 2C-B, 2C-T-2, 2C-T-7, 2C-I-NBOME, mescaline and others

Phenethylamines are a family of chemicals structurally similar to the amphetamines that are naturally occurring plant and animal enzymes. Synthetic phenethylamines are also made by chemists, most popularly by Dr. Alexander Shulgin who published PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved), a semi-autobiographical account of his discovery of mescaline (from peyote cacti) and TMA (from nutmeg) and subsequent synthesis of many variations on the phenethylamine and amphetamine skeleton.

Peyote (rich in mescaline and other phenethylamines) and San Pedro cacti have been the traditional phenethylamine that humans have used throughout history, and their life-changing, “in touch with the gods” mystical experiences have been well documented, even by many new to the New World.

Dr. Shulgin was left similarly imprinted, and spent much of his life’s work on synthesizing mescaline and creating new derivatives by modifying PEA (phenethylamine) and amphetamines he was working on. DOM (STP) was his problem child, an intensely psychedelic amphetamine that lasts 20+ hours and is active at minute (under 5mg) dosages. In the 60’s, STP pills that went around were 20 or 10mg, causing many hospital visits and a poor reputation due to the foolhardy dosage. Shulgin ended up being able to remove a carbon from DOM’s homologues DOB and DOI to create phenethylamine versions (2 carbons) 2C-B, 2C-I and later many more “2C-*” compounds. Whereas the DO*s all lasted around 15-30 hours and were too potent (around 1-4mg) for their intensity to be useful, their 2C phenethylamine counterparts were more mescaline-like active at safer dosages (most at around 10mg, although the NBOME compounds have proven to be active at much lower doses, so low that they’ve been distributed as LSD at times) and most had more manageable durations. 2C-B, 2C-I, 2C-T-2, and 2C-T-7 are phenethylamines which have been through the Toronto scene, 2C-B showing up in the mid 90s until its scheduling in the USA in the late 90’s, which prompted use of 2C-I, 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7. All of these are sticky white fibrous crystals, usually available in a gelcap. Occasionally they are used to adulterate Ecstasy tablets or in a similar tablet without MDMA.

2C-T-7, it should be noted was suspected of causing 2 deaths in the USA in 2000 and was subsequently scheduled the same as 2C-B. Other phenethylamines are not illegal yet, but a lack of illegality and no deaths yet does not mean that other 2Cs are safe. There simply hasn’t been enough proper research (such as human clinical trials) to know very much about their courses of action, long term effects or really much else aside from their immediate effects (the trip!). And just because some of these phenethylamines are not currently scheduled, it does not mean that you cannot or will not be charged if found in possession of these substances.


Although each phenethylamine has its own distinct signature, there are some concerns that must be addressed regarding phenethylamines in general.

  • Dosages for each (most are around 10mg) are very small and as powder it cannot be ‘eyed’ out accurately– the crystals are fibrous and sticky and tend to ball up. Weigh it out on a milligram scale, or make sure your dose has been weighed on a proper scale. Pure powder if fluffy will barely fill the curved end of a small (MDMA-sized) gelcap. Some may be smaller it has balled up at all. The NBOME compounds like 2C-I-NBOME are active at much lower doses, so low that they have been found being distributed in place of LSD, and the potential for an overwhelming or dangerous overdose is significantly higher as a result.
  • Small dosage increases will increase the intensity, side-effects and toxicity exponentially. A small increase may double the effects, so tread very carefully.
  • Don’t snort any 2Cs! Death and OD cases seem to all have come when users snorted 2C-T-7 or 2C-B as well as newer research chems in the family, and in any case it burns so badly that most of the your first hour high will be in pain and tears. Not good for sinuses!
  • The first time, any of the 2Cs will be extra-intense; try a half dose by itself at home or somewhere safe. While most of the 2Cs are similar to each other in many ways, they all have differences and may not all act favourably on all users, so treat each accordingly and as different compounds.
  • Phenethylamines are more potent the longer you wait to do them again; wait at least 2 weeks or a month between trips. Frequent 2C trips will get less interesting even with increasing the dosage. Higher dosages often lead to more side-effects than wanted effects. (May as well wait and get more out of it)
  • Phenethylamines are prone to causing mystical or life-changing experiences. Make sure that you are in a comfortable environment (mentally and physically) and have everything you’ll need with you.
  • Before you dose, make sure you don’t need to do anything important! You may not be able to deal with (or remember to do) ordinary tasks or interact with anyone not ‘on the same level’ as you.
  • The onset of 2Cs can vary widely. On an empty stomach and swallowed as powder out of the capsule or dissolved in a drink, the onset will be quick (15-45 minutes.) Left inside the capsule or as a pill, or if taken on a full stomach, the onset will be delayed, sometimes up to 3 hours!
  • That said, don’t take more if you aren’t high. You may still be coming up 3 hours after dosing.
  • 2C-B has a rather brief duration, usually entirely over within 5 or 6 hours but other 2Cs will keep you up all night like E or speed.
  • 2C compounds can be dangerous in combination with MAO inhibitors such as syrian rue/harmaline or certain antidepressants (MAOIs and otherwise)
  • Be careful! Very little is known about these compounds. Make sure someone knows exactly what you’re taking when you dose in case you need help. (medical or otherwise!)


  • VISUALS are common to all 2Cs and usually include brightening and deepening of colours, coloured LSD-like trails coming off objects and flowing, weaving patterns. Light seems to turn into a solid and refract; on double doses most users report being able to “see around corners” or “bend light” with their minds. Visuals may come and go in waves and at times may be too dense to see properly or function.
  • STIMULATION can be an effect for some users on any 2C and varies widely in amount, but some never report this.
  • SENSORY/TACTILE effects—smells, sounds and textures may seem richer, more intense or just plain strange or surreal.
  • SYNAESTHESIA—A phenomenon where sensory data is read by one sense and felt (or interpreted) as another sense, such as smelling bright colours or hearing sounds when you smell a flower. This phenomenon happens for many while on phenethylamines but it can be a surprise if it is unexpected. This seems to occur in tandem with being flooded with memories as your brain cross-references itself. If this occurs and you feel weird or alien, or like ‘deja-vu’, just remember that it’s temporary.
  • MEMORY FLOODING and THOUGHT CROSS-REFERENCING — Dr Shulgin found this mental cross-referencing effect to be the most beneficial aspect of 2C-B in terms of self-discovery and saw unlimited potential for use in psychotherapy. In the wrong situation however, going through all your memories and what makes up who you are might not make for the best trip. The best way to get through this if it does happen is to try to get comfortable or somewhere calming and let the thoughts flow through your mind as freely as possible. Thoughts trigger other thoughts in a domino effect, and in such a fashion that if you listen to them instead of trying to block them out, you’ll work through the ideas quickly.



Dose: 10-20mg (orally) Duration: 1.5-5h

Unique aspects/concerns:

  • 2C-B seems most prone to causing memory triggers, introspection or synaesthesia amongst the 2Cs. These effects are difficult to control and are best just left to work themselves out.
  • It is illegal to possess 2C-B.
  • This is a short-acting compound but if only a couple hours isn’t long enough for you, be careful if re-dosing or taking something else. Another dose may be way too strong if any of the first dose is still in your system, and if you’re already starting come down it may not be as effective or enjoyable.


Dose: 8-20mg (orally) Duration: 6-10h

Unique aspects/concerns:

  • More sensual/tactile than other 2Cs; touch may be very good or bad feeling
  • Visuals can get overwhelming
  • Often has a (strong or weak) stimulant effect. Sleep may not be an option if you take this in the evening.


Dose: 10-25mg (orally) Duration: 6-8h

Unique aspects/concerns:

  • This causes diarrhea and nausea (or just general discomfort) in many users, so be careful!
  • Often not as visual profound or life-changing as other 2Cs; one dose may not seen like enough if only familiar with other phenethylamines, but double-dosing tends leaving users stuck in the bathroom for hours.


Dose: 10-25mg (orally) Duration: 8-20h

Unique aspects/concerns:

  • This also causes nausea diarrhea or discomfort in some users
  • This will keep you up; some find it quite speedy and it lasts a long time!
  • The duration (ie metabolism) of 2C-T-7 varies widely from user to user and trip to trip. Some trips have been known to have lasted over 24 hours off of a single dosing. This is a large time commitment! Others find it not nearly so long-lived at all, but for most it is a lot of time out of our busy schedules.
  • Prepare! Make sure you have at least a whole day or two free and everything you’ll need on hand. It may not be easy to get to the store or interact with others.