Responsible Drug Use

Responsible Drug UseAre you controlling your drug use or is it controlling you?
For many, doing drugs is an integral part of any party. However, many psychoactive substances we love can have quite powerful effects on our minds and bodies and therefore should be treated with a high degree of respect and awareness. Treat your drug use like any other thing you would care for — a plant, a pet, a friend — something that needs to be monitored with care, and with whom your relationship needs to be reflected on from time to time. Know your drugs, know yourself, and every so often…

Ask yourself:

What do you love about the drugs you do?
Do they bring out the star dancer or social butterfly in you?
Do they give you spiritual enlightenment or universal awareness?
Are there aspects of the trip you could do without?
Have you made an ass of yourself or said things you regret?
Do you look in the mirror and wince or have you stopped looking altogether?
What would you lose if you quit or cut back?
Would you be bored at parties if you weren’t high?
Do you feel friends or family would have less to do with you?
What would you stand to gain if you quit or cut back?
Imagine yourself in five years. Where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing? Is your current relationship with drugs helping or hindering those goals and aspirations?

Is there trouble brewing?
Do you feel like you’re stuck on a never-ending roller coaster of highs and comedowns?
Have you lost interest in things that you used to love doing?
Do you need to use just to start the day?
Do you start the night planning to use just a bit but end up using a lot more?
Do you keep hearing yourself say: “this isn’t fun anymore; I wish I could quit”?

If any of this is starting to sound all too familiar, you may want to talk to someone about restoring balance to your drug use and partying lifestyle. TRIP! is a good place to start.

Partially adapted from ‘The Guide to Getting Off Drugs’ by Breakaway

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