Study Backs Safe-Injection Site’s Work

savecanadaA safe injection site in Vancouver, the first of its kind in North America may be on the chopping block once the Conservatives release their new drug strategy. The strategy is expected to be a regression back to the tactics of the American “War on Drugs”: treating users as criminals, increasing penalties and enforcement. This strategy has proven to be a failure on every level. You cannot control drug use through getting tough on users. Insite provides a place for users to use in a safer environment, helping to prevent the spread of disease by providing clean works for users…

“A study, published today in the London-based medical journal Addiction, found that use of the city’s supervised injection facility known as Insite increased the rate of addicts entering detox by 30 per cent.”

We can only hope the Conservatives see the obvious truth: Those with drug addictions are helped more with compassion than with prison.