How to Spot Moldy Weed













Dried cannabis flower has a pretty long shelf life, only starting to lose some potency after a year if stored properly. Unfortunately, pot can be stored perfectly but still go bad if someone fucked up down the line while producing it. Never fear, Trip! Is here to guide you through the magical world of moldy weed.

Mold. You’ve totally seen it before. Whether you leftovers got left out longer than they should or your shower is getting gross, you know the deal. Mold and mildew thrive in high humidity, high heat places with limited air flow.

Usually the mold is a result of poor production. The cannabis wasn’t dried or cured properly, wasn’t flushed properly or stored improperly while still damp. If you get super fresh buds, make sure to always store them in a cool, airtight container to keep them for as long as possible.

Mold can look like dark spots or spores, white/grey/yellow/brown fuzz or white/grey/black web-like material and it might give off a pissy or salty kind of smell.

Mold is not good to ingest. Do not smoke moldy weed. A lot of times when people think their weed is laced, it’s actually just moldy. It comes with a whole bunch of bad side effects including headaches, vomiting, trouble breathing, coughing, chest pains, lowered immune system, diarrhea and heart palpitations. These negative side effects can last a lot longer than the weed itself. If you think your pot is moldy, toss it.