Coke. Guns. Booty. Beats.


Check out this fascinating article about the convergence of underground dance parties and drug gangs in one of Brazil’s poorest urban shantytowns. The gangs theselves often bankroll these wildly popular parties and the most powerful drug factions even commission musicians to make hit songs in their honour.

In the slums of Rio De Janeiro, drug lords armed with submachine guns have joined forces with djs armed with massive sound systems and rude, raunchy singles. Welcome to the most exciting—and dangerous—underground club scene in the world.

By Alex Bellos

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  • The world of drugs knows no borders, that would explain best the situation in Rio de Janeiro today. I also read some pretty alarming statistics on drug use in recent years on this North Carolina rehab resource, I am losing hope that someday the authorities will come up with a good drug control system…

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