Cigarettes and Alcohol Cause More Harm than Ecstasy, GHB, LSD and Marijuana

Drug GraphExpert commission calls for total overhaul of UK drugs legislation

A survey of UK drug experts says alcohol and cigarettes cause more harm than many illegal drugs. All drugs were marked on the physical harm they caused to the individual user, their tendency to cause dependence and their social harm, including their effect on families, communities and society such as crime and Health costs. Each was given an overall harm score by two separate groups of experts which yielded roughly similar results.

“A two-year survey of drug use reached the damning conclusion that the current legislation is “not fit for purpose”, failing to recognize that alcohol and tobacco can cause more harm than “demonized” substances such as cannabis and ecstasy…”

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One thought on “Cigarettes and Alcohol Cause More Harm than Ecstasy, GHB, LSD and Marijuana”

  • I don’t think we’ll live the days when alcohol will be illegal for everyone. It may sound extremist but that’s what I want. Too many lives are crushed because of it, too many innocent people suffer because their loved ones chose alcohol over anything. My mom is in an alcohol rehab New Jersey , it took us years to convince her that she needs to get her life back…

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