TRIP! Highschool Workshops

So as the school year comes to an end, we here at TRIP! need to squeeze in a few more workshops in Toronto high schools. TRIP! surveys have shown that youth are least likely to go to teachers or guidance counselors for information and most likely to go to TRIP! or friends. We believe that having a reliable and unbiased source of information to youth is extremely important when it comes to safer sex and drug use.

What our workshops include: 2 TRIP! workers educating students on harm reduction and staying safe. We explain who we are and what we do and move on to our beliefs here at TRIP! i.e., “providing peer based unbiased info”, being a “non judgmental environment” and the like. We then go into talking about various substance groups, the importance of harm reduction and the stigma that can be found around many substances and routes of administration. We can also go into detail and answer questions or concerns students often have, and provide honest answers.

If you know of a school or other organization that you think would like to have us/ would benefit from one of our workshops drop us a line, we’d love your suggestions!