Saskatchewan Student’s Freedom of Speach Violated!

Kieran King, a 15-year old student from small town Saskatchewan had the police visit his school to do some drug education. Like most of us in High School, he didn’t buy it, and decided to do a little bit of research. He probably went to all the good websites; Erowid, Lycaeum Drug Archive, Cannabis Culture, etc. What he found, and what he shared with his fellow students after his thorough research, was that cannabis is actually less harmful than other drugs like alcohol and tobacco. When Parkland High School administration got word of Kieran’s research they were not happy. Spreading Harm Reduction information at school was equated with promoting drug use, a stereotype that TRIP often has to battle. Kieran was told to sit down and shut up, but in responce he went to his local marijuana party and staged a full out protest! The school administration locked students inside, forbidding them to walk out, but Kieran and his brother made it, along with their local supporters. After the protest Kieran was suspended from school, missing his final exams and bringing his average down from an A+ to a C. This kid is obviously a winner. We can’t let this happen in Canada, it is a straight up voilation of free speach. They don’t suspend kids for calling eachother fags, but they’ll suspend Kieran for saying that pot is better for you that drinking? Not only is it repressive and morally wrong, but it’s also preventing students from knowing valuable harm reduction information which could improve their level of health. Parkland High School should be ashamed of themselves!