OMG Free Arts Workshops!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve all been having a great summer! Looking for fun activities to do that tie into the rave scene? Look no more! TRIP! has been holding community arts and education workshops at the Queen West community Health Centre, and there are still more to go!

By receiving a Toronto Public Health Youth Grant we have been able to take a look into the various “pillars of rave” be it Mcing, DJing, Producing, Dancing, and Fashion– we’ve opened up the health centre for all types of rave related activities!

If you are a youth ages 29 and under and love the scene, or even just love doing rave related activities, please stop by!

Up and coming workshops include:

  • Boh Selecta, and all that! an MCing workshop. Saturday July 15th from 2pm – 4pm!
  • Rave tutus and fluffs 2.0, a creative fashion workshop. Wednesday July 20th from 6pm – 9pm!
  • Rave Promotion 101, where you can learn all the basics on throwing a top notch event. Saturday July 23rd from 2pm – 4pm!
  • Rave Makeup 101, a workshop where you can learn how to do awesome makeup! Wednesday July 27th from 6pm – 9pm!
  • Open Dance studio 2.0, where you can come out to share and show off your moves! Saturday July 30th from 2pm – 5pm!

All workshops are held at Queen West Community Health Centre, located at 168 Bathurst street! (Right at Queen and Bathurst!)

Past workshops include, baking, kandi making, button making and dance! If you would like to know more info on our community workshops email us at !

Hope to see you at our up and coming events 🙂