Levamicoke.info International Launch

Levamicoke.infoOver the last year TRIP! has been working closely with the Canadian Harm Reduction Network and The Works to create an integrated media campaign on Levamisole-laced cocaine and crack. Levamisole is an animal dewormer that’s showing up in blow around the world, as it’s cut at the source. It can destroy your immune system, so if you’re repeatedly or rapidly getting sick, have weird skin infections or blackened skin— don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor! For you to get proper treatment they need to know to screen for Levamisole. Direct them to this website even so they can read more about it. It is important as drug users that we advocate for proper treatment and challenge stigma. Of course this isn’t a reality for everyone, but if you’re sick you need to get help as there have been a few related deaths from crashed immune systems (aka agranulocytosis)

Finally, our website has reached alpha and we’ve launched the campaign and gotten media attention from across Canada and beyond. After talking with doctors, frontline workers, social workers, nurses, health researchers and (OF COURSE) drug users across the world, we are pleased at the success of the campaign! We will be presenting the results of our work at the National Harm Reduction Conference in Austin, Texas on how we used social media as a tool in harm reduction. After numerous media interviews, tweets and Facebook updates, the buzz around Levamisole is finally starting to spread! Check out the website and spread the word! We’re looking forward to check out Dance Safe’s new Levamisole testing kits at the conference!! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow our tweets!