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We're gettin' busy at TRIP!

In the coming months we'll be producing 3 new pieces of harm reduction information for partiers, and we'd like to have your input on which drugs and drug-related issues you would most like to see information about. Please take the 2 MINUTES it takes to fill in our quick and dirty drug info poll, and the top three drugs/drug issues with the most votes will be the subject of our new, upcoming literature for partyers.

The polls are open:Take the survey here!

White House Report Shows Alarming Trends in Teens' Use of Prescription Drugs

Looks like Oxies are soaring in popularity these days.  Statistics coming from the United States report that recreational prescription drug use is surpassing even Marijuana use. OxyContin is the name brand for Oxycodone, a commonly prescribed, highly addictive analgestic medication.  On the street they are usually called Oxies, or sometimes Hilbilly Heroine, although I don't think people who use it would ever consider themselves Hilbillies. 

Last years HotDocs festival featured the documentary CottonLand, a stunning exposition on the increasingly higher rate of Oxy addiction in rural Cape Bretton.  This is definately a new trend that is sweeping across North America.  

Feliz Día de los Enamorados

Hola a todo,

I hope everyone is having a sweet Valentines Day, whether you are getting it on with your loved one, or having a spontanious three-some at an after party.  Just make sure you wrap your package.  It's not just men, and women who fuck men who need to wrap up, girls on girls do too!  Slap some seran wrap on that shit, or you can alternatively cut a condom in half.  Be careful that your seran is non-microwaveable, as some types of seran are porus.  Also remember if you're sharing sex toys to keep them sterilized by using condoms!  Anytime you change partner, or change hole (ass v.s. pussy), put a new one on.  With these simple steps we can all have a happy safe vday.



The War Within -- Killing Ourselves (

FEb. 14, 2007

NEW YORK (CNN) -- We're fighting a war that is inflicting even greater casualties than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and, incredibly, costing even more money. We're losing the War on Drugs, and we've been in retreat for three decades.

That statement may come as a surprise to John Walters, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, who spent last week trumpeting the Bush administration's anti-drug policies. He claims these policies have led to a decline in drug abuse and improvements in our physical and mental health.

Read the full article here: CNN

Safer Threesomes Booklet -- out now!

Whether it's your fantasy or reality to engage in threesomes, foursomes, or moresomes, now you can find information on Safer Threesomes+ at TRIP! Our beautiful new booklet is off the press and at the TRIP booth. Look for it each weekend at events, or contact us directly for a copy.

New York City To Unveil Official Condom as Part of HIV Prevention Efforts

From the

[Feb 14, 2007]

      New York City health officials on Wednesday are scheduled to unveil the city's official condom as part of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's efforts to curb the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, the AP/Long Island Newsday reports (Kugler, AP/Long Island Newsday, 2/13). The health department last month approved a $1.57 million contract to deliver more than 20 million Ansell Healthcare's Lifestyle condoms and packets of lubricants to organizations and venues
in the city to help curb the spread of HIV. The health department will pay Ansell four cents per condom, putting the cost of the program at about $720,000 annually, according to health officials. Officials are attempting to make the packaging for the condoms, which will be
distributed by the city, more distinctive. City officials said they hope the condom's packaging will help them to better track the effectiveness of their distribution program (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 1/29). According to the AP/Newsday, the condoms' design is expected to be a subway theme with different colors for various train lines (AP/Long Island Newsday, 2/13). Officials plan to track the progress of the program through an annual community health survey, which polls 10,000 city residents by telephone. New York City currently distributes about 1.5 million
condoms monthly, or about 18 million annually, at no cost to organizations, health clinics, advocacy groups, bars, restaurants, nail salons, nightclubs and prisons. Organizations or venues can request an unlimited supply of condoms at no cost through an online ordering
system set up by the city health department (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 1/29). Volunteers are scheduled to hand out the no-cost condoms at the launch, which will take place at a Kenneth Cole store in Manhattan. The store also plans to unveil a T-shirt and boxer shorts as part of the campaign (AP/Long Island Newsday, 2/13).

Drug Spider Video

Seen this? It's funny.

Welcome to the TRIP! Blogs

Boh! Boh! B0h!


That is right.  The website is finally up and running.  Big up to Kevin for putting it all together open source style in Drupal.  The new site looks great and we are excited to share this site as a community space, where we can all come together to celebrate our communities and keep each other safe. Remember, knowledge is power. By keeping this TRIP site alive we are sharing information to support eachother. We have all been there for a friend in need, whether as a trained outreach worker, or dealing with a friend who has had a little bit too much K one night.

TRIP is the epitome of For Us By Us, being as it was started for the community way back when, by partiers who felt there was a need for the service in the community. Our moto: know your mind, know your body, know your source. This was coming from a community that had already had it's share of heartbreak. Deaths, ODs, police brutality, street life; our community has been through a lot over the years. Things have changed over time. People have grown up together, and there is a new generation coming into the midst. Who ever thought that Happy Hardcore would have a comeback? Who know that jungle and house would move from giant warehouse spaces, and lofts, to huge commercial clubs, or tight tiny bars. Oh how have our communities changed.

And are continuing to change. We welcome in the new generation.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Speak Up Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

 On November 20th, 2007 the long anticipated Conservative changes to the nation's drug laws began their first reading in Parliament. While in theory that means there's a long way to go and many obstacles before these changes (collectively known as Bill C-26) actually become the law of the land, never underestimate a determined government's power to ram through legislation at breakneck speed (i.e. the terrorism laws quickly enacted after 9/11).

Shortly after their election the Conservative Party completely removed any mention of Harm Reduction from their Anti-Drug Strategy, putting many
innovative and cutting edge projects in jeopardy. Determined to pursue a War on Drugs approach to substance use in Canada (an approach that is a demonstrable failure in the very land it originated, the United States), this is what the Conservatives have decided to replace Harm Reduction with.

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